21-05-2018 Energy / Electricity Saved is Energy Produced Energy conservation, a key to sustainable development Minimize load shedding by switching off lights and appliances when not in use Energy is in limited supply, Use it wisely Turn off lights and equipments when not in use Save Energy for benefit of self and Nation

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Deemed ISTS Lines Tariff Petition 2014-19

Departmental Tests May 2018-For the employees of TANGEDCO/TANTRANSCO only

Implementation of e-tendering in TANGEDCO and TANTRANSCO

Cable fault location, testing and route tracing services

All the Staff, Officers, Trade Unions are invited to offer their suggestions & comments on the Proposed draft Safety Manual(in Tamil) and mail their comments to safetymanual@tnebnet.org

GO-79 - Collection of Cross subsidy surcharge from HT consumers for the power purchase from outside sources

G.O. regarding the extension of provisional period for transfer of assets and liabilities





Erstwhile Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) is a statutory body formed on 01.07.1957 under the Electricity Supply Act, 1948 as a successor to the erstwhile Electricity Department of the Government of Madras.   


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