Date : 21-05-2018
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                     The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board was restructured as per G.O.114 dated 08-10-2008 by establishing a holding company with the name " TNEB Ltd " and  two subsidiary  companies namely "  Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation Ltd  " (TANTRANSCO)  and " Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Ltd " (TANGEDCO) as per the mandatory requirements of the Electricity Act 2003. 

                     Accordingly, the Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation Ltd. (TANTRANSCO), was  registered  as approved by the Govt. vide G.O.38 dated 21-05-2009 under the Companies Act, 1956 and was incorporated on 15-06-2009. 

                      TANTRANSCO became a company wholly owned by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu & started functioning from 14-12-2009. By the Transfer Scheme vide G.O.(Ms).No.100 Dated:19.10.2010, all related Assets and Liabilities are transferred to and re-vested by the State Government in the “TANTRANSCO”  on and from 01-11-2010. 


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